Service delivery, payment and refunds policy

  1. The terms used
  2. General Provisions
  3. Legal requirements
  4. Registration and account opening
  5. Deposits and withdrawals procedure
  6. Online Betting
  7. System errors
  8. Links
  9. Contact us

This Service delivery, payment and refunds Policy (hereinafter Policy) on regulates the deposit of funds on the User’s account, payment service, payouts and refunds.

1. The terms used

1.1. The site Administration is the authorized staff of Bookmakers.

1.2. Site is available at All exclusive rights to the Site and its certain elements (including software, design) fully belong to the Authorities. The transfer of exclusive rights to the User is not the subject of this Policy.

1.3. Authorities means that the site is operated by - BetZenit N. V.

1.4. Bookmakers is a company that accepting bets on sports and other events.

1.5. User is a person using the site.

1.6. Legislation is the current legislation of Curacao.

1.7. Funds mean the funds transferred into a User's betting account, the information about the funds is available on User’s Personal account; the User has the right to manage funds when placing bets.

1.8. Personal Account is the Customer’s own page with their personal details and information about the current balance, which the Customer has the right to use as they deem fit when placing bets.

1.9. Personal details is the information about the Customer provided individually during a Registration or when using the Website’s services.

1.10. Data is other details about the User (not included in the concept Personal details).

1.11. Registration is the process of filling the registration form on the Site by specifying the required information, choosing the login and the password.

1.12. The registration form is a form that the Customer should fill in to Register on the Website.

1.13. Service(s) is the possibility to place the Online-bets by the User on any sports events provided by the Site.

2. General Provisions

This Policy may change at times. The new Policy shall be effective after it has been posted to the Website. The User's navigating the Website shall be deemed as consent to the new version of the Policy. If a User does not consent to the new Policy, they should immediately stop navigating the Website. This policy is an integral part of the Website as well as the 'Betting Rules'.

3. Legal requirements

3.1. Bookmakers accept bets on sports and other events only.

3.2. Persons over the age of 18 years and the persons who have reached the age of majority allowed to register, make deposits and place bets.

3.3. Bookmakers do not allow to open accounts and / or to deposit any amount to Users who reside or live in the United States, Latvia, the United Kingdom, Estonia, and Lithuania. The list of jurisdictions can be changed by the Site without prior notification. The User undertakes not to open the account and not attempt to use the Services of the Site in case of one of these jurisdictions.

3.4. The User is fully responsible for payment of all taxes and fees applied to any winnings as a result of a use of the Site.

3.5. The User agrees with the condition that the User's account is not a bank account, consequently, no percent interests are accrued on the funds placed on User's account.

4. Registration and account opening

4.1. In order to be able to place Online bets, the User is required to register on the Site. When registering the User undertakes to provide reliable and actual information by filling the Registration form.

4.2. As appropriate, the Bookmakers may require the User to confirm the identity. The copies of documents requested by the administration of the site must unambiguously confirm the identity of the account holder and meet all requirements set by the Administration of the Bookmakers. The data indicated by the User in registration form must be trustworthy. Any bet confirms that the User is ready to present the documents required by the Bookmakers on demand.

4.3. In order to be able to make Online bets, the User is required to deposit his account to the amount set by the administrators.

4.4. The user confirms that the funds deposited to the account has no criminal and / or illegal nature.

4.5. The user has the right to open only one account in Bookmakers. In case of detection additional / repeated accounts of one User, they will all be closed.

4.6. The Bookmaker does not accept cash from the third parties, such as friends, family, partners and/or spouses. The Customer is required to deposit to their account only from the account / system and/or payment cards, registered in the Customer's name.

4.7. If the Customer has registered under an assumed name or alias, the Bookmaker will not be able to deposit to the Customer's account. The Customer undertakes to deposit to their account only from the account, system or payment cards registered in the Customer's name.
In the event that the Bookmaker has noted any violation of one or more of the requirements of this Policy, then the Bookmaker has the right to confiscate all the winnings received.

4.8. The User bears full personal responsibility for the safety of the login number and password received at the Registration. Any operations including bets registered on the Bookmaker’s server and confirmed by entering the login and password of the account holder are considered valid and have full legal force.

5. Deposits and withdrawals procedure

5.1. The User fully consent that the Bookmakers can involve the organizations of the third parties for processing and accounting of the received and paid electronic payments.

5.2. The Bookmakers applies methods of deposits / withdrawals of funds available on the Site only.

5.3. All commission fees for money transfers are paid by the User.

5.4. Using a certain payment method, the User have to make sure that the account in this system is under his name.

5.5. The Bookmaker has the right to block a Customer’s account, cancel all payments and reclaim all Customer’s winnings in case the Bookmaker finds or becomes aware of suspicious or fraudulent top-ups (use of stolen credit cards and/or any other fraudulent activity). Above all, the Bookmaker has the right to inform the relevant authorities about any fraudulent activity with payments or other illegal activities, as well as to attract third parties (repayment agencies) in case there is a need to return payments.

5.6. The Bookmakers is not responsible for any unauthorized use of credit cards, regardless of whether or not the theft report / loss of payment cards was received.

5.7. To withdraw funds from the account, the User have to send a request for withdrawal of funds from the Personal account. To do this, the User have to choose one of the payment systems listed on the Site and go to the corresponding link specifying all details required.

5.8. Withdrawal of funds from the User account is available at any time by sending the request for withdrawal of money from the User’s account.

5.9. Requests for User’s funds withdrawals are processed by the financial department by turn.

5.10. When making deposits and payments from the User’s account the Bookmakers has the right to identify and verify the User.

5.11. Bookmakers is not responsible for the activities (errors, delays) of a third-party service providers from which the user makes deposits/withdrawals.

6. Online Betting

6.1. The user is only able to use his funds for sports betting and other events of Bookmakers. All other transactions (transfer of funds to other payment systems, payment for various services, etc.) are prohibited.

6.2. The Bookmakers reserve the right to refuse bet accepting to any person without explaining the reasons, as well as to refuse to register on the Site and / or to delete the account in case of obvious violations by the User.

7. System errors

The Bookmaker is not responsible for any damage or loss claimed as incurred as a result of the use of this Website or as arising from its content. This provision applies equally to the use (or misuse) of the Website content by any person, the inability to connect or use the Website, delays in its operation or data transmission, communication line failure (including when Customers receive a confirmation of bet Registration on Server), any errors, typos or omissions in the Website content.

8. Links

The site may contain links to other sites that are also outside the control of the Bookmakers and are not mentioned in the Policy. The Bookmakers is not responsible for the content of any external websites, activity or inactivity of their owners, nor for the content of third-party advertising and sponsorship on these sites. Hyperlinks to other sites are provided for informational purposes only. The user uses any such links at his own risk.

9. Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the functioning of the Website, the provision of services and/or the procedure for depositing funds to the Customer’s account, payment and refunds, please contact the support team at We will be glad to help you!.